All Time

Stand with me upon this ancient hill

which has seen the whole of time

and knows secrets and mysteries beyond belief.

Look at these primal stones, the weathered rocks, 

feel the earth rising through the soles of your feet,

place your hands on the aged bark of the oak tree,

press your face down on the roughened grass

and tell me, we are here and now, and that you love me.


Look out with me at the surging ocean,

the start of life on earth, where we began.

The relentless waves which cast our precursors

onto the alluvial slime, blind and crawling, 

evolving slowly through the aeons and centuries.

Splash your feet in this salt surf, hold this pebble,

run your fingers through these grains of sand,

tell me again we are here and now, and that you love me.




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